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John Birmingham

Biography: John Birmingham

'I thought "I'll be a writer". I had this totally ridiculous, mixed-up idea of what that would entail. I thought I'd live somewhere on the coast and spend most of my day in a hammock, eating fruit salad fed to me by enigmatic Japanese housemaids.'

John Birmingham is an Australian author, famed for his 1994 hit He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and his history of Sydney entitled Leviathan: The unauthorised biography of Sydney, both of which are extremely different and showcase his transition from voice of youth to a new, more adult writer.

Book review: <i>Final Impact</i> by John Birmingham

If this was rated on Birmo’s own cheeseburger scale, I’d give it three and a half fat, freshly-made ones out of five, with a coke on the side for the ones who came before.

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