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Travel literature is literature which records the people, events, sights and feelings of an author who is touring a foreign place for the pleasure of travel. An individual work is sometimes called a travelogue or itinerary. To be called literature the work must have a coherent narrative, or insights and value, beyond a mere logging of dates and events, such as diary or ship's log. Literature that recounts adventure, exploration and conquest is often grouped under travel literature, but it also has its own genre outdoor literature; these genres will often overlap with no definite boundaries. This article focuses on literature that is more akin to tourism.

Book review: Voyageur by Robert Twigger

the cover of the book

If this was an entry in a log book, it would be hanging off the wall of the bushwalking hut you find just before the storm hits, and the whole event would seem more like an adventure and less of a trial.

Book review: Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah MacDonald

the cover of the book

An incredibly candid exploration of a few of the religious and cultural elements of that great and varied nation, India. Love it or hate it, there's just something about it...

Book review: Fugitives and Refugees by Chuck Palahniuk

If this was a Lonely Planet guide to Portland, Oregon, it would be the SHEEZY.

Book review: The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

The Rum Diary is a sweaty lusty booze-filled Caribbean odyssey.

Book review: Angry White Pyjamas by Robert Twigger

If this was an apartment block, it would be a boxily majestic, curiously liveable design of indeterminate age, which deserves to be cleaned more often.

Book review: Continental Drifter by Tim Moore

If this was a song, it would be Greensleeves, played on a humorously cheap synthesizer while you are distracted and hungover and yet find yourself becoming disproportionately emotional in response.

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