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Supernatural fiction

Supernatural fiction is a classification of literature used to describe fiction exploiting or requiring as plot devices or themes some contradictions of the commonplace natural world and materialist assumptions about it. It includes the traditional ghost story, and was propelled to prominence in Europe by the eighteenth century explosion of popular Gothic fiction. It includes both fiction with a religious message, and some that is directed against the religious concepts of natural law by postulating anti-natural phenomena and beings.

Book review: <i>Lullaby</i> by Chuck Palahniuk

They say that the first sentence of a novel is the most important; most people who pick a book up in a bookstore will head straight to the first page to see what the sentence is as a judgment of whether to read it or not. And I tell you, Chuck Palahniuk is the master of the first sentence. And paragraph, for that matter. You are completely sucked in before you know what’s what.

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Book review: <i>Anansi Boys</i> by Neil Gaiman

If this was a dessert, it would be your favourite Grandma’s trifle—a lot less majestic than it seemed at age 9 but still bloody tasty once you hit the sherry-soaked cake strata.

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