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Tom Wolfe

Book review: <i>A Man In Full</i> by Tom Wolfe

A good ol’ Southern real estate tycoon, a black mayor and a black lawyer, who just aren’t black enough for their constituents, a young follower of the Stoics, and a high profile rape case that could turn Atlanta into a racial battleground are the main features of this door stop of a novel. And, while Tom Wolfe seems to bang on a bit, some of the detail is great. The only major complaint I had with this book was the fact that Wolfe obviously decided that “gloaming” was his new favourite word, and used it five times through the story. And it stuck out. Aside from that, good for Tom! Doesn’t he compare favourably to such book exchange annoyances as James Patterson et al? Finding A Man in Full amongst the Jodi Picoults and German copies of Da Vinci Code was a rare stroke of luck, I tell you.

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