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Book review: Blind Faith by Ben Elton

the cover of the book

When did Ben Elton go from funny social commentator with a penchant for satiric wit to a bitter, bitter old man? Even if you've been in denial for a while, Blind Faith is terribly disappointing.

Book review: Chart Throb by Ben Elton

If this was about Big Brother, rather than UK Idol, and marginally less sucky, it would be called Dead Famous, the author's previous literary nadir.

Book review: Complicity by Iain Banks

The genre of thriller is a big one. And a maligned one... for those lovers of the trashy thriller, it’s all well and good, but for those of us suffering from literary snobbery, the thriller genre gets brushed over when we’re looking for quality reading material. Unless of course, we decide to read Iain Banks...

Book review: A Thin Dark Line by Tami Hoag

A Thin Dark Line is the quintessential textbook thriller. It had all the correct elements in all the correct places, and while it wasn’t a dazzling literary work, it kept me relatively interested and it wasn’t an effort to finish the thing in two days, which in my opinion is as a thriller should be. It was light, fluffy, and only slightly annoying, and it had a relatively unexpected twist and completely predictable sex scenes. All in all, an excellent example of an airport novel.

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