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Iain Banks

Biography: Iain Banks

“I write because I love it, I enjoy it, I’ve spent most of my life trying to do it better, and I can make a living from it: beats a day job.”

Iain Banks is a Scottish author who is well known and respected for his writings of both literary fiction and science fiction. His science fiction writings are published under the name “Iain M Banks”.

Book review: <i>The Business</i> by Iain Banks

Who doesn’t love a good corporate culture, big-business-against-the-underdog-who-discovers-high-ranking-conspiracy yarn? Well, The Business is sort of like that. But different. While it may not be Iain Bank’s finest, it sure beats The Firm

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Book review: <i>Complicity</i> by Iain Banks

The genre of thriller is a big one. And a maligned one... for those lovers of the trashy thriller, it’s all well and good, but for those of us suffering from literary snobbery, the thriller genre gets brushed over when we’re looking for quality reading material. Unless of course, we decide to read Iain Banks...

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