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Biography: Val McDermid

Val McDermid is one of Scotland’s best known and respected crime fiction authors. Her fame has extended into international recognition and has resulted in several awards and a television series. She has written over twenty novels.

Book review: The Wire In The Blood by Val McDermid

This may be Val McDermid’s most famous book—it’s been widely acclaimed and televised, and as I recall it was a big hit on the Australian ABC when it came out as a mini series. And I can see why. It has a touch of Thomas Harris about it; macabre, graphic, tense, thrilling... but I thought The Wire In The Blood beat Silence Of The Lambs hands down.

Book review: A Place Of Execution by Val McDermid

I do like Val McDermid. Maybe it’s because her books have that lurid thriller front cover vibe but manage to be a cut above most of the others. Maybe it’s because her main characters avoid stereotyping by being lovably dysfunctional and uptightly British at the same time. Maybe it’s because she just writes a bang up yarn.

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