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Bret Easton Ellis

Biography: Bret Easton Ellis

“My work is really about a culture that pisses me off, and a world that we live in that values all the wrong things.” -New York Times Interview with Bret Easton Ellis

At the age of 41, Bret Easton Ellis is considered to be one of America's most important generation X writers, with his infamy heightened by the controversy of his third novel, American Psycho. But American Psycho certainly isn't the limit of Ellis's work, nor is he a one trick pony riding off it's success. His work contains recurring themes of young, wealthy people who indulge in excess and depravity, who are morally bankrupt and relish it. He reuses characters, locations, and in his most recent work, Luna Park has used himself as the main character, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

Book review: <i>Lunar Park</i> by Bret Easton Ellis

If this was a coffee table book, it would be some really well-presented, kick-ass black and white photos that show American suburbia as Manhattan, hell, and a family album, but in which the models are perhaps a little bit too handsome, well-dressed and classically framed.

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