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Book review: <i>Double Vision</i> by Colby Marshall

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Jenna Ramey has a corker of a case on her hands: a clearly disturbed shooter with no discernible motives had a rampage in a Lowmans, and Jenna’s only witness is a six year old girl. Can Jenna get to the bottom of this senseless crime before others lose their lives?

The story

Jenna Ramey works for the FBI, using not only her learned skills in psychology, but also her innate gifts; Jenna experiences grapheme-color synaesthesia, which she uses to assist her in piecing together solutions to problems. Her boyfriend Yancy is a 911 operator, and on the morning he takes a call from six year old Molly from the Lowmans where seven people are shot by a seemingly unmotivated perpetrator, his instincts tell him that Jenna will want to talk to the gifted and observant Molly. Jenna quickly realises Molly is special, and may well be the key to cracking the whole case wide open. She just needs access to Molly, which her stepfather, the over-protective Liam, seems loathe to allow.

Jenna has a feeling about this killer – that he is in some way related to the Triple Shooter, a killer seemingly obsessed with the number three. Jenna and her boss, Saleda, are willing to pull out all the stops to catch the killer – hopefully solving both the Triple Killer murders and the Lowman's murder in one go. But how does one catch a killer who clearly sees patterns in what looks like randomly chosen victims, and how can one get a step ahead?

Jenna believes there's a second person involved, somebody pulling the strings. Can she find them before it's too late?

Meanwhile, Jenna is still panicked about her mother, who has escaped from an institution and could be anywhere, and Yancy is getting too closely involved with an abuse victim who calls 911. Jenna keeps getting partnered with Dodd, who's a bit of a pain, but when he gets called onto another case she feels the lack of him. If everyone's not careful, someone could get hurt...

The style

This is a well written book. I didn't read the first page, put it down for a bit, then pick it back up again, I was straight in and stayed with it till the end. I suspect the reason for this is that the plot is far above average. I'm a crime fiction fan. I suppose you could call me an aficionado, in that I know what I like and I know what makes a good one. While Double Vision had its pros and cons, the storyline was certainly up there. Jenna's synaethesia is fascinating, and seems pretty well researched. The phenomena is meticulously described without being overdone, and the actual plot-line encompasses at least three criminals and works everything together masterfully. Like I said, definitely above par plotting.

The characterisation was pretty good too. Jenna and Yancy are well written, three dimensional in that they behave in ways that are human, inconsistent in all the right ways. The two of them are under pressure quite often individually, and this puts pressure on their relationship, which adds another dimension to the plot. Eldred Beasley, an elderly witness with Alzheimers, is beautifully written. His difficulty with memory and certain events is confidently written and compelling. The only character I had a bit of a problem with was Molly, the six year old. I know she was meant to be gifted, but she was just a bit too composed and good at keeping herself on track. Even if she was a savant, she was just a bit too adult. That was really the only place I had to suspend disbelief. Other than that, the whole thing was great, and is clearly one of a series... I will definitely be getting the next one when it comes out, and will get my hands on the previous one too.

Who is this book for?

Do you like a bit of Hannibal Lector style action with an intriguing collection of killers and empathetic police officers? Double Vision is for you.

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In short

Title: Double Vision
Author: Colby Marshall
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
ISBN: 9780425276525
Year published: 2015
Pages: 370
Genre(s): Crime fiction
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