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Book review: <i>A Month of Sundays</i> by James O’Loghlin



This is, perhaps not the thinnest premise for a book I’ve seen recently (that’s a category with a lot of competition right now), but definitely in the top five. 3 (THREE!) of O’Loghlin’s Bondi neighbours renovate simultaneously – it’s really noisy all day! (Exactly like my friend Brett’s situation, in Melbourne, in fact, who somehow managed to survive without writing a book about it.)

Thus O’Loghlin and his wife and small daughter spend as little time at home as possible by going on utterly uninspiring day trips to forgettable Sydney suburbs, where he is frequently unable to wring even the feeblest joke or meanest philosophical observation from the populous, most of whom, we can’t help but imagine, are not even present on account of HAVING REAL JOBS THEY NEED TO BE AT DURING THE WEEK.
Then there’s some autobiographical stuff. Not awful, and certainly good-natured, just really, REALLY thin. Yes, even thinner than that book where Tim Moore wanders around London with a monopoly board.

In short

Title: A Month Of Sundays
Author: James O’Loghlin
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
ISBN: 1741143675
Year published: 2004
Pages: 228

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