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Black Lizard

Book review: <i>Dirty Tricks</i> by Michael Dibdin

As I have stated unequivocally in many a previous review, I do love British novels. The crime thriller ones have a sort of depth and an element of class to them that is undiscovered to all but the best of American authors. Maybe it’s because mysteries seem like things that should happen in the rain and fog and gloom and these things all happen naturally in the United Kingdom. I think it’s also that sly, dry wit that British authors seem born with. That ability to make fun of oneself and the world. Australians have it too, but the Americans are just all a bit too serious. With these profound thoughts in mind, Dirty Tricks is no exception to an excellent display of British wit, and once again proves the rule—those Brits know what they’re on about when they write a good suspense yarn.

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