Book review: Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks, 'writing as Ian Fleming'

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If this was a car, it would be a grey 1933 Bentley convertible with an Amherst-Villiers supercharger (installed against the advice of MI5 mechanics), NO machine guns and NO freaking ejector seats (though there could well be a bottle of single malt in the glove box).

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Gone Reading

If you've found yourself here at Illiterarty, chances are, you love reading. You probably consider it to be one of your interests, maybe even one of your passions. But maybe you haven't considered what a gift it is that you can read at all, that this passion you have, this joy, is something that given a different set of circumstances is something you may not even know.

Isn't it about time you were reminded?

Book review: Letters in Cardboard Boxes by Abby Slovin

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Letters in Cardboard Boxes is a very realistic, well developed character study, that deals with fairly full and complex family dynamic issues in a sensitive and undramatic way, and is really given extra dimension by virtue of it's web-based publication.

Book review: Love Me by Garrison Keillor

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If this was... Wine, it would be that Cab Merlot I so freakin' elegantly analogise in paragraph three.

Movie review: Sucker Punch

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Why did all my friends hate this movie? Except Johnny, and he doesn't count. I thought it was AWESOME.

Book review: Steplings by C W Smith

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Steplings takes the reader an empathetic journey through the trials and pitfalls of teen years while exploring blended families and the odd relationships bred within them.

Book review: The Mutt: How To Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself by Rodney Mullen with Sean Mortimer

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-If this was any more ready to be turned into a film, it would be about a pair of hard-punching renegade cops who break the law to get results.

Play review: Dial L for Latch-Key by Scott Fivelson

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You'll wish you could see Dial L for Latch-Key in a theatre near you immediately after reading this little gem, because then you'd be sitting in a theatre laughing with other people, as opposed to snickering quietly to yourself alone.

And we're back!

That's right folks, after a ridiculously long hiatus we're back in the book review game. Stay tuned!

Book review: The Beijing Of Possibilities by Jonathan Tel

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With almost text-book precision, Jonathan Tel captures the essence of the perfect short story in this loosely woven collection of heartbreaks, secrets, humanities and mundanities, backdropped by the mysterious Beijing.

Book review: Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants

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A light-hearted romp through the big boys of serious topics - Whom God Would Destroy examines the subjects of religion, psychiatry, the mentally ill, and alien conspiracies in a sniggeringly hilarious meander through some cunning plot twists and a whole new understanding of the universe as it is.

Book review: American Hoax by Charles Firth

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If this was lunch, it would be a Wendy's hot dog with everything.

Book review: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

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What if Joss Whedon wrote like an 8 yr old, Buffy was a petulant, crying moron and Angel was her self flagellating bitch? Stephanie Meyer would be $70 million poorer, that’s what.

Short story: Afternoon Delight

There was something about her; wild, lawless, smoldering.

Book review: The Troublesome Offspring Of Cardinal Guzman by Louis de Berniéres

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Mildly disappointing, but only compared to the insanely high standards I have come to expect from Mr de Berniéres and his extreme awesomeness as an author.

Short story: Friday Afternoon

I like the colour green.

Book review: Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis

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If this was fused with a grim, dystopian sci-fi blockbuster in some of Godawful teleporter accident it would be the film 'Brazil'.

Short story: Club

Swaying, shaking, bright lights tight skirt tall heels.

Book review: Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

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McLaughlin and Kraus are back - and in my opinion, even better than before. Dedication is the quintessential girl's fantasy, with an unexpected happily ever after - where the girl makes the rules.

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