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San Juan Del Sur, a water taxi to Majagual, and a bottle of suave vodka...

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of our boat taxi on the shores of San Juan Del Sur.

On our final full day in San Juan Del Sur, we decided it was time to get out there and actually swim in the pacific. We didn't want to swim at the actual San Juan Del Sur beach, because it was fairly oily looking from all the moored boats, the sewerage from the town was outlet right into the middle of the bay, and on top of that all the local dogs appeared to use the beach as their toilet. So we booked a water taxi to take us to one of the less accessible northern beaches: Majagual. We packed a picnic lunch, farewelled our awesome villa, and wandered down to the beachfront to catch the boat.
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Book review: <i>The Shining</i> by Stephen King

The cover of the book

Some people have it, and some people don’t—the shining, the ability to see what others don’t, the ability to commune with spirits... Five year old Danny Torrance has the shining. But will this be a help or a hindrance at the haunted and desolate Overlook Hotel, where the spirits don’t know their place?

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