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The genre of spy fiction — sometimes called political thriller or spy thriller or sometimes shortened simply to Spy-fi — arose before World War I at about the same time that the first modern intelligence agencies were formed. Seldom has this literary field met with critical acclaim, although insightful, literate, and politically important works have been published in it.

Book review: Panic by Jeff Abbott

the cover of the book

Feeling like you just haven't had enough spy/CIA conspiracy in your life lately? Lacking in running, gun fights, car chases, and general confusion and accusations about the CIA? Might be time to read Panic...

Book review: N Or M? by Agatha Christie

Originally published in 1941, N Or M? by Agatha Christie plunges the reader into the world of middle aged irregulars, boarding houses, knitting, and the worst kind of Nazis... English ones.

Book review: The Russia House by John Le Carré

If you want a good spy novel, you really can't beat the master of spy; John Le Carré. He's been around for some time, writing prolifically on the topic of the British secret service, and he was apparently in the British secret service himself in his youth. So not only is he in the know, but he's also a great writer with a cynicism for organisations and governments, and a staunch belief in human nature. The Russia House is no exception in his achievements.

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