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We have a house…

Yes, haven’t I been terribly slack keeping you all up to date? But that would be because David and I have been devoting all our time to finding suitable real estate…

So now we have a house. In between my last entry and this one we have managed to do many things that I have neglected to write about. Like touring the isletas in a boat, which are three hundred and sixty five little islands caused by lava from the Mombacho volcano some time ago. Where now, there resides super rich people (you can buy your own island for 155 000USD) and they have electricity (there are powerpoles stuck in the water, and birds hang out on the lines) and internet, and swimming pools, and an island with a mango tree and five monkeys.…

People have lived on the isletas for ages… there is even one island with a church, and one with a cemetery. The cemetery has a mango tree too…

So we decided not to by an island. We lost track of dates and accidentally celebrated Dave’s birthday a day early (oops). Then we got stuck into finding a house. We’ve decided to stick in Granada for the moment. Even though it is comparatively expensive, it also has lots of resources for us and Kaleb - such as spanish lessons, primary schools that are well resourced and have a couple of other little blonde kids at them so Kaleb won’t stand out QUITE so much, and lots of stuff to do around it. It’s also a good base for exploring the rest of the country.

The way we got our house was all networking. We went to see our Dutch friend at Nica Buffet for breakfast, and when he found out we were looking for a house he introduced us to Nadene, who runs a bookstore called Mavericks, who then had us hooked up with: a prospective private rental, an American real estate agent, a small Nicaraguan ‘property locator’ called Don Victor who hangs out at the parque central and fixes people up with property, and furniture so fast our heads were spinning.

We looked at houses all week using the grapevine and Dave’s excellent Spanish phone manner, ringing all the houses with ‘for rent’ signs (if it’s written in English, they ONLY speak Spanish, but they want a Gringo…) and of course we settled on the first place we looked at. We can’t move in yet… because they are having it painted. But I’m sure we’ll get in there eventually…

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I tore my thumbnail off in the safe at Gino’s the other day, and you’re perusing Central American Real Estate.
What kind of a world is this.
I hope you get lice.


So,am confused....... Is that your house in the pic?

Sadly, no, this is not our house. We would have liked it to be, but we had to settle for a slightly more land-bound one. It's hard enough to get a good coffee around here without having to row mainland everytime... that and the prices are EXORBITANT. But a girl can dream. :-)