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Short story: <i>Friday Afternoon</i>

I like the colour green.

Yesterday I went to the shops and I bought you this cactus.
Wednesdays have a low sound.
Green drips from the walls.
Friday falls.
Witches wear strange hats.
Michelle is a girl's name.
Constructive criticism welcomes you.
Mints have a specific flavour.
I fell over on the world.
Submission is nine tenths of the law.
Cheese where's the pants.
I ate a monkey.
Where is my hat?
I wish I had a biscuit.
Some people have real problems, apparently.
That music gave me chills.
That man has an odd beard.
Why am I that person?
Sand with me.
What's on tv?
My heart is a blue thread.
Sole time!
It's dark in here.
That snowflake is a perfect circle.
Something clever banal.
My shoes hurt even though they aren't on.
I like the colour green.

This is a piece of free association writing. Whenever a full sentence popped into my head I wrote it down. While the writing itself is unremarkable, I found it interesting how certain sounds and words kept reoccurring - such as the colour green, and the letter "m".

Picture courtesy of aussiegall.

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