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San Juan Del Sur, Lago Azul, Pelican Eyes and a good old fashioned relax at a luxury resort

Ah, the luxury of the ferry.

We settled up our extortionate hotel bill the following morning, and heaved our packs back to the port at Moyagulpa. Alright, we had someone else heave them into the luxury 4WD and hand them to us at the dock. We found out that we were just in time to catch the ferry—very luxurious compared to the fiberglass Pepsi boat we arrived in—and spent the hour long journey alternating between the luxury cabin watching bad Spanish soaps and the top deck, from which we had unfettered 360 degree views, an invigorating breeze, and a view of the truck filled with maduro that had pulled onto the ferry with us.The views were fabulous.

Dave and I looking suave on the top deck of the ferry

We hopped off the ferry at San Jorge and ignored all the offers of taxis that approached us on the dock. We went and found our own taxi and asked him to take us to San Juan Del Sur—which was a $10, hour long trip that devastated the poor man's suspension (or what was left of it). The road to San Juan del Sur is one of the more gloriously potholed, which is bizarre considering it's such a tourist destination. Anyway. When we arrived, we were all feeling somewhat tired, irritable, and sick of backpacks. We decided that lunch would make us feel better, so we lugged our stuff to the waterfront and went into the first available place—"Lago Azul". The man there was terribly nice, chatting with us, trying to advise good hotels, and of course, providing an absolutely delectable array of seafood. After swearing to return for our next available lunching opportunity, Dave and Leah set off in search of accommodation, leaving Kaleb and I to guard the packs, watch the ocean, and play blackjack—a skill that Kaleb had recently acquired. We were playing for high stakes—if he won, we would play table soccer. If he lost, we wouldn't. Sadly, I turned out to be a quite the card shark and so the game of table soccer never came to fruition.

Leah emphatically drinking at Lago Azul

Dave and Leah dropped back to assess their progress, and set off up the hill to the last hotel we could think of—Pelican Eyes. It's the best in the area, but we were worried that it would also be too expensive. Five minutes later, Dave and a luxury 4WD pulled up at the restaurant to collect us and sweep us up to Pelican Eyes—four short blocks and what would normally be a steep hike away. We gratefully accepted this luxury and went up the hill in style. Dave's eyes were practically popping out of his head about the niceness of the hotel, so my anticipation was quite high.

Kaleb at the pool, with San Juan Del Sur in the back ground.

I wasn't disappointed. Three pools, a "zoo", a beautiful bar/restaurant, and the "rooms" were more like a collection of villas up the hillside, nestled into the trees. The view was spectacular, there was wireless internet by the poolside, and the villas were beautifully designed with huge tree trunks and and haybale construction. Our villa had two large white beds, a strawbale couch (surprisingly comfy), a kitchenette, and a lovely big bathroom. It also had a cat—one of the twenty nine living on the premises—who miaowed, scratched, attacked ankles, and generally considered it's life mission to be illicitly entering our room. It was super luxurious and there was no way we could have afforded anything remotely similar in Australia (sans cat, obviously). Unfortunately, they only had two nights vacancy, but we decided to deal with that issue when we came to it, got changed into our bathers, and took on the difficult task of choosing which pool to swim in first.

Our room.

The first night, Leah decided that her insect bites needed time to settle down so she had an early night in the room with the monster TV. Because it was late and we'd had such a hearty lunch, Dave went down to the Restaurant to order a take away sandwich for Kaleb. He then carried it back from the restaurant, and our psycho cat leaped out at him on the stairs and tried to kill him. Luckily, the sandwich survived, although Dave's knee took a beating. In order to recover from this ordeal, Dave and I wandered down to the bar to rustle up a light dinner, some drinks, and some internet access. At the bar we met a very nice barman, Arturo, who mixed us some lethal cocktails, found out we were Australian, and decided that meant when he closed the bar he would make us cocktails of his own invention—for free. He made this awesome combination of cinnamon liquor, amaretto, peach cream, and grappa and consequently we managed to get no work done at all, and staggered back to the room. Our friend at the bar finished up at 11:30 and told us he was back at 6AM so we'd see him round.

Leah on the patio

Bright and early the next morning Kaleb and Leah went swimming at the pool—Leah to swim laps and Kaleb to try and hone his new skill at bombies. Dave and I woke up slightly later and worse for wear, but manfully struggled our way to the restaurant for our massive and complimentary breakfast. The service was great and the breakfasts were delicious. We spent the morning relaxing by the pool and watching bad TV. We set out to find the zoo, which we were taken to by one of the many guides whose job it is to simply wander around telling lost hotel guests how to get where they're going. The zoo was very sweet, it had six monkeys (one baby with a little bald head) who had been rescued from the wild when their local habitat had been destroyed. There was also a wild boar named Bella (she wasn't), about nine tortoises, and some geese and various other foul. The monkeys were gorgeous and reacted very animatedly when the cats, jealous for attention, would strut through their enclosure. It was around this time we discovered two points—firstly, that it was Halloween, which meant a variety of happy hour indulgences. And secondly, that the hotel was having a Halloween party. We decided that that was exactly the kind of naff experience that was required on our five star holiday—nothing says I'm having fun like laughing at retirees in costume.

The monkey with the baby

To prepare, Leah and I had some margaritas by the pool. Then we went back to visit our friend at Lago Azul. The food was once again fabulous; we were all class and ate lobster and drank margaritas. Completely stuffed full, we staggered back up the hill to get ready for the party.

Leah and I getting into the margaritas in the pool

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