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A picture would represent 1000 words, if I'd had my camera which I didn't...

This photo is an irrelevant side picture of a particularly attractive butterfly, but I am about to tell an anecdote that I would have loved a picture of but didn't have a camera.

Howdy folks, just thought that having completely caught up (only a couple of weeks late really) on my blog, I would regale you with a description of what we saw the other day in the parque central, which I would have KILLED to get a picture of. You will just have to visualise it.

Okay. Little Nicaraguan girl, very cute, about nine or ten, dressed in school uniform hanging out at the park. Being very conscientious, sweeping up rubbish. In order to perform this act of environmental generosity, the little girl was utilising whatever was closest at hand, in this case, the sweepy end of a small Nicaraguan flag on a pole. She was holding the flag to the ground from the waving end of the stick and sweeping the plastic bags vigorously into a pile. It was totally adorable and Dave and I could only muse that had she been in the US or Australia she may well have been arrested, and/or lynched. Good for her, I say. Patriotism combined with environmentalism. As it should be.

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