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The little generator that could and a Nicaraguan karate tournament

Photo of our little generator

Gosh, isn’t THAT an attractive generator?

Well doesn’t time just fly? Just a quick catch up entry to keep you all fully informed about our doings around the exotic location of Nicaragua. What Dave and I are finding bizarre and freakish is that firstly, we have been here for just over eight months, (where does the time go?) and it’s now easier to work out how many weeks we have left here as opposed to my earlier entries which were how many weeks we had been here for.

Photo of a Bubu Lubu chocolate bar

Mmmm. Bubu Lubu.

So we have a mere eight weeks to go, which is very odd, and we haven’t been doing much out of the ordinary to catch you up on because we are waiting for Leah to arrive in two days and then we will hire a car (gulp... WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD DRIVING) and make our way around the countryside, checking out the sites including Ometepe (the largest volcano in Nicaragua), which should be completely awesome, so stay tuned for updates on the Ometepe front. In other news...

Photo of rain on our tiles

When it rains...

Our roof has been fixed, and therefore no longer leaks. A small thing, but something of a relief as a vicious and unfriendly mould sprouted on the ceiling which didn’t look overly healthy. Solved. Which is good, because the rain is here with a vengeance. The storms are pretty phenomenal, and the lightning sometimes takes on a pink colouring which is weird but fun. The thunder is so vicious it makes the house tremble, but we figure since the house has lasted through several quakes and a war we don’t have anything to worry about. AND the exciting bit is that it is still warm, so we can sit back on the hammocks and watch the back yard flood!

Kaleb's karate class practicing.

Kaleb’s group, practicing away. He’s the red-head...

Dave and Kaleb had a very exciting weekend last weekend, as they frolicked off to a karate tournament in Managua with Kaleb’s class. Apparently, it was very exciting. Particularly, the five year old combat (where all the parents stood around imploring their titchy little cutey to kick the other kid) and the suspected bribery of the judges. Kaleb’s favourite bit was when a black belt smashed seven roof tiles at once with his hand. Aside from the fact that they both had nasty head colds they had an excellent time.

Photo of the assembled tournament participants

Here’s the tournament, Kaleb is in the most left hand row, third from the front. You know, the red-head and only gringo in sight?

In other news, Dave and I purchased our own baby generator! Very cute, runs on a sniff of an oily rag, and powers essentially everything in the house we care to power (modem, computers, TV, fans, lamps). In fact, I am writing this with the power off, without draining my laptop battery AT ALL! It’s very exciting. Of course, it may be MORE exciting because I have been inhaling petrol fumes for the last couple of weeks, but oh well. Dave was very clever about the whole getting a generator on the cheap thing, negotiating backroom deals, conferring with people, assembling the generator... And there you have it. Our news. Okay, it there wasn't much, but we will be getting out and about again soon!

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