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Leah, Las Isletas, Mombacho, the Laguna De Apoyo, and an unfortunate toilet incident...

Photo of Leah with a deep fried guapote

Mmmm. Big fried fish at the isletas.

What adventures we have had, on our psuedo holiday inside a holiday with Leah!

Photo of isle de monos from the isletas tour, Granada, Nicaragua

They're complete show-offs - lucky they're cute!

Leah's arrival in the dusty streets of Granada was precipitated, and followed up by, a steady week of intense rain, rain and more rain. The skies opened with a vengeance and we can no longer, with any confident sneering, say "rainy season? What rainy season?" While this made us all feel like doing less than nothing, on the up side, it apparently solved the short term power problems suffered by Nicaragua, because the rain caused the dams to fill past hydro electric capacity. Which not only means our water restrictions have slimmed down to a mere two hours in the morning if at all, but also our power is on FULL TIME. So luxurious! Of course, when you're residing in a developing nation you can't expect everything to go your way, so, of course, we have been having massive problems with our internet connections. Power and water constantly is a novel trade off, though.

Photo of parrots at the restaurant in the isletas

The inhabitants of the restaurant in the isletas - their repetoire includes "hola" and "como esta?"

During the first few days, we allowed Leah the luxury of sleeping off her jetlag, and luxuriating in the hammock, and eating cheap food. We ventured out to see the San Fransisco church and museum, and re-visited the isletas in the rain. The monkeys were out in force anyway and the boat had a canopy so it all went swimmingly.

Photo of the isletas from the top of Mombacho, Nicaragua

The isletas from above - the top of Mombacho. It's the clearest view we've ever had from up there!

We decided that a sensible move was to get amongst late leisurely breakfasts following evenings of mojito drinking, and on one memorable occasion we staggered back from a Safari Lounge coffee and breakfast combo to find that not only was the water back on with a vengeance, but on opening the front doors we encountered the water, as it was flooding from the toilet bowl, which had taken to running violently and aggressively and had also conveniently blocked leaving the water nowhere to go but up and out. The entire bathroom was ankle deep in water, our bedroom was quickly flooding, and water was creeping not-so insidiously into the lounge. We quickly formed a powerful production line, during which we hauled out the water and sent Leah to the kitchen to make emergency mojitos. We all rose to the occasion manfully, bailing out most of the water, moving the electrics out of the way, and sweeping a flood out onto the street through the front gates - then mopping the residual water with a diabolical combination bleach and orange detergent. This is because the water came out of the toilet... Christened by Dave lovingly as "poo water" particularly when it got on his pants, on our shoes, and generally over a collection of our possessions. Nothing says it's time for mojitos like cleaning a flood of toilet water before midday.

Photo of the Laguna de Apoyo, taken from the Monkey Hut. Nicaragua

The Laguna de Apoyo - also known as "paradise"

The sun eventually emerged, and we took off to the paradisaical Laguna de Apoyo, where kayaks and cats rule the Monkey Hut and it's acceptable to start your first beer at eleven because you're on holiday. There is a new caretaker who lovingly handcrafts intricate bongs for sale, and an investigative iguana tried to join us for lunch. After an enjoyable day of uneven sunburns we took a day up at Mombacho. Our taxi driver pulled off the road without warning and jumped out of the car, to conduct an animated conversation with a woman in her driveway, leaving us stranded alone in the cab on the side of the highway for five minutes. He'd left the keys in the car, and we considered giving him a thrill by stealing it, but then decided against.

Monkey Hut kitten - Nicaragua

Frollicking kitten. Aw.

We hiked around the crater trail, and saw some parasailers jump off the volcano, which was very adventure sports of them and exciting. We sulfured our faces in the fumeroles. It was a fabulously clear day, and as usual the four wheel drivers did an awesome job driving straight up and down the volcano.

The rest stop at Mombacho, Nicaragua

Me and Leah, half way up the volcano, enjoying locally grown coffee from the plantation...

All in all, a good first week.

Parasailing off Mombacho, Nicaragua

Parasailing. How cool is that?

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