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Hola Granada…

On Sunday morning, we checked out of our hotel. Which we weren’t having that much fun in anyway.

The toilet in our ensuite broke and the girl didn’t clean our room on the second day… so we ran out of toilet paper (although as the toilet was broken, I suppose that didn’t matter much…) So we packed our packs and got into them… My god! I hadn’t ACTUALLY worn my pack with everything in it yet. Talk about heavy! If I was seriously packing around the place, there is no way I would carry this much stuff! I think it’s mainly the laptop, but still… so we walked to UCA to catch a minivan to Granada. The minivans cost $1US each to get to Granada, and they leave when they’re full. When we approached the carpark full of vans we were acosted by youths trying to shepherd us towards various vans for Granada. We managed to get on a van that was just leaving, and headed out.

Once in Granada we hoisted our packs back on and went to look for somewhere to stay. We had five places circled in our book, but the first four were full. In hindsight, that’s a good thing - particularly with the first one we tried, which was full of shrieking twentysomething Americans. Shudder. We ended up, having walked all over town, in the Hospedaje Cocibolca… which, for $10 a night, we get a room with an ensuite (no hot water, but frankly, there is no need to shower in hot water in this weather. It’s not like the cold tap is actually cold!) and a fan. We get use of the large downstairs area, which has english novels, couches, rocking chairs, cable tv, tables, broadband internet (30C an hour), a kitchen, and a fridge, out of which we can purchase beer, water and coke for less than a dollar. The other thing about this place is it seems to have lots of older American and European travellers staying longterm, complete with dreads, patcholi, and sanyas faces. Or beards and perpetual chessboards. And nobody tries to make friends. Excellent.

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