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Gone Reading

If you've found yourself here at Illiterarty, chances are, you love reading. You probably consider it to be one of your interests, maybe even one of your passions. But maybe you haven't considered what a gift it is that you can read at all, that this passion you have, this joy, is something that given a different set of circumstances is something you may not even know.

Isn't it about time you were reminded?

I'm going to expand on this for a moment, and I can, because it's MY blog. That you guys are reading. I'd like you to indulge me, and think about some things. Think about your all time favourite novel. How it changed your life. Your all time favourite author. What it feels like to sit down with a well-read, spine-cracked friend, knowing exactly what's coming and desperately looking forward to it anyway. What it feels like to open a brand new adventure, gingerly, to avoid cracking the spine and dog earing the pages for as long as possible. What it feels like to pick up a guilty trashy novel, even though you would never admit that you read crap like that. It's like being able to take a holiday, even when you're stuck on the train to work. How good is it?

Enter Gone Reading.

Gone Reading is a philanthropic organisation, who have a website which sells gifts for readers and book lovers. To quote them, they don't sell books, they sell the idea of reading, which hopefully I evoked in you in the paragraphs above. All of their end of year profits go towards funding reading libraries and other literacy projects in the developing world. And they are passionate about it.

Brad Wirz, the founder of Gone Reading, was inspired during a volunteer trip to Central America, where he helped build a library in remote Honduras. Now he is working with other international organisations to spread the gift of reading as far and wide as he can.

So I would like you to think about what an amazing gift you have been given, by being able to access the wealth of other worlds and emotions and experiences, just by the virtue of literacy. Don't you feel like this is something you would like to share with the world? Next time you want to give a gift, make it a double; not only is your money buying something cool for a friend or a loved one and showing the world how important reading is, it is also contributing towards literacy in developing nations.

And that's a good present.

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