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Children's Story: <i>Pinkie Doo Has A Visitor</i>

When Miranda’s nana came to visit for the day, Miranda’s mother told Pinkie Doo all about it beforehand.

“You are going to have a wonderful time, Pinkie Doo!” said Miranda’s mother.

“Nana is bringing her cat, Minkie. I can tell you two are going to be best friends... Minkie and Pinkie!”

Pinkie was excited, but also a little nervous. He already had two best friends, Greenbear and Tiny Tim. He didn’t know if three would be too many.

When Miranda’s nana arrived, Miranda had lined up Pinkie, Greenbear and Tiny Tim on the couch especially. She had tied ribbons around each of their necks, and they all looked very smart. Nana had a big orange hand bag and a plush purple box with holes in it. Pinkie could see something moving inside.

Miranda’s father took the orange hand bag, but Nana would not let go of the purple cat box. She put it down on the floor and pulled on the latch.

A very grand furry white cat stepped out of the box and glared around. Pinkie looked down eagerly. Here was his new best friend!

Minkie saw the toys lined up on the couch. She flattened her ears. She wriggled her tail. She hissed loudly.

“Get those things off the couch, they’re scaring my Minkie-Pooh!” said Nana loudly.

Miranda’s mother picked up Pinkie, Greenbear and Tiny Tim and moved them to a chair. She didn’t arrange them properly, and Tiny Tim’s head was right under Greenbear’s bottom, getting squashed.

“I don’t like your new best friend much, Pinkie,” said Greenbear.

“Mmmmff,” agreed Tiny Tim, who couldn’t speak.

Pinkie didn’t like her very much either, but he didn’t like to say anything just yet. He was on the top of the other two toys, staring at the ceiling with his button eyes.

Suddenly, there was a “whhhummmpphhh” sound, and a pain in Pinkie’s leg. He wasn’t staring at the ceiling any more, because Minkie had jumped on the pile of toys and was staring into his face with her big round eyes. She scratched at his leg with her claws.

“Ouch!” said Pinkie. “Stop that!”

Minkie pretended not to hear. Instead, she got her sharp teeth and grabbed Pinkie by the ear. Then she jumped off the couch, carrying him painfully in her mouth. Pinkie’s stuffing hurt.

Minkie dumped Pinkie at Nana’s feet and yowled loudly.

“Who’s a good girl?” asked Nana happily, stroking Minkie’s head with her wrinkly hands. “Who caught a big nasty rabbit? Who’s my little hunter?” Minkie purred, and reached out and swatted Pinkie again with her claws for good measure. Then she jumped up onto Nana’s lap and fell asleep. Pinkie lay on the floor, hoping his stuffing wasn’t coming out.

As Minkie was being packed back into her purple box, she spotted Pinkie again and hissed. Miranda’s mother spotted Pinkie on the floor, and then the other toys, and took them all back to Miranda’s room and put them on the bed. “There,” she said, “wasn’t that fun?”

Pinkie was relieved that everything was back to normal.

Three best friends, he decided, was too much.

This story is for Kaleb, who suggested the bit about the ribbons.

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Well I couldn't have done much it was just a few pieces of advice and you're always giving me advice so I paid you back.

Love from Kaleb