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Children's story: <i>Pinkie Doo Goes To The Pool</i>

One Saturday morning, Miranda’s mother and father decided to spend the day at the swimming pool. It was the summer holidays, and it was very, very hot outside.

Miranda wanted to go to the swimming pool, where they had a big slide and hot chips and lots of other children to play with. Miranda had learned how to swim the summer before.

Pinkie didn’t know how to swim.

“I want to take Pinkie,” announced Miranda at breakfast. “He needs to learn to swim.”

“I’m not sure if he’ll like it, darling,” said Miranda’s mother. “He’s very timid, and he might get chlorine in his fur.”

Chlorine! Pinkie didn’t know what chlorine was, but it didn’t sound nice. Would it have to be cut out?

“He’ll love it,” said Miranda confidently. “And I’m not going unless Pinkie can go.”

So Pinkie ended up in the middle seat of the car, inbetween Miranda and the picnic basket.

Miranda had packed him his very own towel, so he was a little bit excited.

They arrived at the pool and found a spot on the grass. Miranda’s father spread out a picnic blanket, and helped Miranda spread suncream on her arms and legs and nose. Miranda offered Pinkie some sunscreen, but Miranda’s mother explained that Pinkie was completely protected from the sun my his thick fur.

Miranda and her mother and father decided to have a swim, and Pinkie stayed behind and importantly guarded the picnic basket and the blanket.

Miranda decided that she wanted to use the diving board, and so Miranda’s mother took her onto the board and showed her how to dive. Pinkie watched. Miranda seemed very high up, and it looked dangerous.

When Miranda and her mother and father returned from their swim, Miranda picked up Pinkie. “You’re burning hot, Pinkie!” She exclaimed. “I’m surprised you don’t have sunstroke! Mummy, I’m taking Pinkie for a swim now.”

Pinkie shuddered. He was a little bit frightened, but he didn’t want to disappoint Miranda. But then he realised that they weren’t heading to the shallow edge of the pool. They were heading straight for the diving board!

Pinkie was very worried. What if his ear came off? The thread had been weakened since Minkie attacked him. What if it hurt his button eyes? What if he sank? What if...

Miranda strode out onto the shiny white diving board. The sun bounced off it and hurt his eyes. Miranda started to bounce up and down on the board, getting ready to jump.

“Mummy! Daddy! Look at me!” she shouted.

Pinkie hoped that they would shout back “No Miranda, you can’t jump in with Pinkie!” But they just smiled and waved and continued to eat their sandwiches.

Miranda was jumping higher and higher. Pinkie was worried that she might jump so high that they would just fling up into the sky and into space and never come down again! And then, just as he was thinking that it might be better that way, Miranda shouted, “Whhhhheeeeeeeeee!” and threw herself into the air, clutching Pinkie’s paw.

Pinkie felt like he was flying. It was a wonderful feeling. He looped through the air in a slow arc, feeling like a bird. And then the landed, SPLAT, in the lovely cool water.

Miranda swam to the side and heaved Pinkie up onto the concrete. He was so wet that he had to be rung out, but he didn’t mind. The diving board was the most fun thing he had ever done in his life, and he couldn’t believe he had been afraid.

Luckily, Miranda thought it was the most fun thing she had ever done in her life too, so they spent the rest of the afternoon, jumping off the diving board.

Pinkie decided not to be afraid of things until he knew they were scary.

For Kaleb, who suggested the pool, and especially Pinkie on the diving board.

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