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Children's Story: <i>Pinkie Doo And The Diamond Pattern Sock</i>

Pinkie Doo was very worried.

He had been taken from Miranda’s beautiful purple bed, her beautiful purple room, and his two friends, Tiny Tim and Greenbear.

Now he was sitting on a big plastic bag at the front door, and he was worried.

Miranda’s mother clicked over to him in her high heels. She picked up Pinkie and the bag and took them out to the car.

There were THINGS in the bag. Pinkie couldn’t see them, but he could hear them. They were talking to him. One THING wriggled closer to the top. It was one of Miranda’s father’s black socks with a diamond pattern.

“You’re going to the dump!” It hissed. “We’re not, but you are!”

“What’s the dump?” Asked Pinkie.

“It’s where things go when nobody wants them anymore,” said the sock. “And it’s filled with rats and spiders and ghosts and machines with teeth and darkness and fire and scraps. I know. I saw it once when John wore me there to take some other things nobody wanted.”

Pinkie was frightened. He didn’t even know what scraps were, but they sounded awful.

The car stopped, and Miranda’s mother got out and clicked around the car to the passenger door. Pinkie tried to shrink down, but she grabbed him by the ears. She grabbed the bag in the other hand and marched down the street in the sunshine.

They went through a dark little door. Pinkie was terrified. He didn’t want the scraps to get him. But when they got through the door there wasn’t any fire or darkness, there were bright lights and orange chairs, and none of the machines had teeth. It didn’t look the way the sock had described it at all.

Miranda’s mother took Pinkie and the bag over to a big machine, and piled all the clothes and Pinkie inside. The sock was laughing softly and nastily to itself, looking over at Pinkie. Then Miranda’s mother shut the door.

Pinkie felt a wet sensation behind the ears. Soon he was surrounded by water, and he couldn’t even swim! He was going round and round, up and down, and he was wet all over. It was awful.

Finally, Pinkie was rescued by Miranda’s mother, only to be shoved in a new machine, which was very hot and hurt his button eyes. When he was rescued from that machine, he realised that he was actually warm, dry, and very, very clean.

“You look beautiful, Pinkie Doo!” Miranda’s mother cried. “Wait till Miranda sees you!”

Pinkie felt a warm sensation flooding through him that had nothing to do with the dryer. He was going home, to Miranda!

When he got back home, Greenbear and Tiny Tim were very jealous when he described his adventures. And when Miranda saw him, she was so excited that she smothered him with a thousand kisses.

Now Pinkie felt clean and loved, and he knew he would never trust another of Miranda’s father’s socks again.

This is the result of a thirty minute writing exercise. This week I have taken one of the seven plotlines (theory being, all stories spring from only seven plots) and a random location. Today’s plot and setting were: "The journey" and a laundromat.

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