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Awesome Nicaraguan brand names

It never really looses its humour edge, does it? You go to a foreign country, and the brand names get you every time. I thought it was about time we compiled a photographic list of our favourite Nicaraguan brands.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder—what exactly is a Clabber Girl?

Bimbo bread-related produce, in this instance, "Bimboletes". Whatever that may be... with the Bimbo bear! Aw. They don’t taste that great, but we buy them for the cuteness factor.

Triple Fanny Antibacterial—Immature? Certainly. Amusing? Well obviously.

Playtex—These people don’t even have the excuse of speaking another language than English. This is an American brand of tampons. And to me, Playtex sounds like a sex toy crossed with a type of condom. Or something nasty you would wear to a swingers club...

Cock Fish Sauce—Immature? We’ve been here before.

Mini-Bum Mango - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We were so excited to discover these at our local supermarket!

Honey-Bees? In my cereal? But don’t they sting?

I’ll keep this list updated as I find more little gems.

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I think you should post a pic of Rojita soda.

It's probably the most un-politically correct beverage ever made.

I can't, I'm not there anymore! If you send me one I'll post it!