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Product Review: <i>Amazon Kindle</i>


I've had my kindle for a month now, and while there's not really a machine that can replicate the glory of an actual, real life book, the kindle is an excellent substitute.

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Not Quite A Book Review: Why Historical Romantic Fiction Is Kind Of Okay

By Bridget.

So I started reading a book, which shall remain nameless, because it's name isn't the point of this blog. Also, I'll admit, I didn't give it a fair crack. I read fifty pages, and I was like, ugh. Not for me. Some girl, it's always some girl.

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Author Interview: with Abby Slovin

the cover of the book

Abby Slovin, author of Letters In Cardboard Boxes, fills us in on what inspires her and how Letters came about.

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Featured Site: Gone Reading

Gone Reading

If you've found yourself here at Illiterarty, chances are, you love reading. You probably consider it to be one of your interests, maybe even one of your passions. But maybe you haven't considered what a gift it is that you can read at all, that this passion you have, this joy, is something that given a different set of circumstances is something you may not even know.

Isn't it about time you were reminded?

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And we're back!

That's right folks, after a ridiculously long hiatus we're back in the book review game. Stay tuned!

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What's in a game?

I do not have an addictive personality. Really. Look at me - I'm nearly twenty-eight, I don't smoke, I drink only on occasion, and I have chocolate consumption down to about once a week. On the other hand - I'm a quitter - I can give up just about anything, including university, hard work, and replying to my emails. Where am I going with this? Enough of the boring bits, onto this quasi-review of the Sims!

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Janwillem van de Wettering's Top 10 Favourite Books

Most people who visit are here because they are looking for something to read. And what better way to figure out what to read than to have it recommended by someone your favourite author?

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