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Genres on Illiterarty.com

This is a list of descriptions of the genres we use here on Illiterarty.com. The entries are written purely for informative purposes, so the readers of Illiterarty.com can better understand how we classify our books and can therefore make more informed choices about what to read. We do not claim to be an authoritative source. Quote us in essays/important documents at your own risk!

Genre: Science fiction

Science fiction has been described as the "what if" genre - it is a type of speculative fiction that is generally futuristic and considers the impact of technology and science on individuals and societies.

Genre: Crime Fiction

Crime fiction is a rapidly growing and immensely popular contemporary genre. It also has a long and varied history, encompassing many different categories and a patchy literary reputation.

Genre: Thriller

Thrillers should have the reader on the edge of their seat. The pace must be quick, there has to be a lot of action, and there should be suspense and plot twists aplenty.

Genre: Humour

The genre Humour incorporates texts that are funny or humourous.

Genre: Non-fiction

The criteria for a text to be classified as Non-fiction is the factual nature of the subject matter. Not that the subject matter has to be an undisputed, completely objective fact—many would argue there is no such thing—but the subject matter has to be dealt with as truth within a particular context.

Genre: Contemporary literature

The genre classification of Contemporary literature represents certain texts written during and after 1960. There are also other requirements for a text to classify as Contemporary literature; the text should be of a class distinguishable by a high standard of writing; be it beauty, composition, style, significance.

Genre: Airport novel

The criteria for an Airport novel is simple. They must be fast paced, easy to read, relatively engaging, and not involve too much complex thought.

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