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Biography: Tami Hoag

Tami Hoag is an American author who made a smooth transition from successful romance novels to wildly successful and best selling thriller novels. She is said to have more than 22 million copies of her books in print.


Tami Hoag was born Tami Mikkelson on the 20th of January 1959 in Minnesota. The town she lived in was very small, and there were few children her own age around her, prompting her to develop an active imagination and create stories from a young age. She completed high school and married her high school boyfriend, Daniel Hoag, in 1977.

Hoag never completed a level of schooling higher than high school, as she and her husband moved to a small town without easy college access. She spent the ten years working a variety of jobs, such as photographer’s assistant, showhorse trainer, typist, and salesperson. In 1988 she had her first publication; a romance in the Bantam Books Loveswept Line. After much success in the romance genre she switched to thrillers, where she was equally, if not more, successful and hit the New York Times Bestseller list thirteen consecutive times.

Hoag belongs to a group of women who all made the switch from romance to thriller at roughly the same time; called the “Divas”, they provide support and encouragement to each other.

Hoag currently lives in Virginia.



  • Still Waters (1992)
  • Dark Paradise (1994)
  • A Thin Dark Line (1997)
  • Ashes to Ashes (1999)
  • Dust to Dust (2000)
  • Dark Horse (2002)
  • Kill the Messenger (2004)
  • Prior Bad Acts (2006)
  • Alibi Man (2007)
  • Straight from the Heart (July 2007)
  • Taken by Storm (October 2007)

Fiction series

Deer Lake Series

  • Night Sins (1995)
  • Guilty As Sin (1997)

Doucet Series

  • The Restless Heart (1991)
  • Lucky’s Lady (1992)
  • Cry Wolf (1993)

Hennessy Series

  • The Trouble with JJ (1988)
  • Magic (1990)


  • #276 McKnight in Shining Armor (1988)
  • #315 Mismatch (1989)
  • #351 Straight From the Heart (1989)
  • #480 Sarah’s Sin (1991)
  • #493 Heart of Dixie (1991)
  • #532 Taken by Storm (1992)
  • #561 Last White Knight (1992)

Quaid Horses Series

  • #304 Rumor Has it (1989)
  • #331 Man of Her Dreams (1989)
  • #434 Tempestuous (1990)

The Rainbow Chasers Series

  • #393 Heart of Gold (1990)
  • #405 Keeping Company (1990)
  • #417 Reilly’s Return (1990)
  • Magic (1990)


Tami Hoag writes both thriller and romance novels (separately); and qualifies for the airport novel genre.