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Book review: Phoenix: The Radio Play by Scott Fivelson

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In an underground laboratory, a selection of specialised scientists work to cure a killer virus sweeping the world. Can they come up with an antidote before it's too late?

Book review: A Farewell To Legs by Scott Fivelson, read by Mariel Hemingway

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Neo-colonialism, Nikes, and the meaning of life, death, and loss. Scott Fivelson knocks it out in four pages, and Mariel Hemingway adds dimensions with her glorious narrative.

Book review: Johnny Passe by Scott Fivelson and Tim Cleavenger

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”I'm Passe. Johnny Passe.” In the big city where everyone scurries onto the next big trend, and the classics fall by the wayside, it's easy to become passe. Unless you're noir by Fivelson and Cleavenger. In this case, Passe is enduring.

Play review: Dial L for Latch-Key by Scott Fivelson

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You'll wish you could see Dial L for Latch-Key in a theatre near you immediately after reading this little gem, because then you'd be sitting in a theatre laughing with other people, as opposed to snickering quietly to yourself alone.

Book review: Tuxes by Scott Fivelson

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An exciting tale of love, betrayal, money, high fashion, and an unexpected cave man deep in the heart of Texas.

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