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Charlotte Bronte

Biography: Charlotte Brontë

(On being told that literature is not a woman's business) "I trust I shall never more feel ambitious to see my name in print; if the wish should rise, I'll look at Southey's letter, and suppress it."

Charlotte Brontë is remembered for her literary masterpieces and her short, tragic life. Her contribution to English literature has been highly praised, and is not likely to fade into obscurity any time soon.

Book review: <i>Jane Eyre</i> by Charlotte Bronte

If this was a sofa, it would be a pleasant-looking but dated design with ebony framework hand-carved with a slightly intimidating attention to detail. You wouldn’t put it in your lounge room in front of the TV, but perhaps keep it in your bedroom because, despite appearances, it would in fact be almost shockingly ergonomically satisfying.

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